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2012 Volume 1, Number 1

Aberrations in Proteostasis Orchestrate: the Genotypic and Phenotypic Changes in Aging (Review)
Download PDF (649k)
Fathemeh Talaei
Keywords: Aging, genetics, protein synthesis, anti-aging, reactive oxygen species, redox balance

New Insights into the Final Stage of Bacterial Cell Division
Download PDF (9.78M)
Gérard Pehau-Arnaudet, Danièle Joseleau-Petit, and Véronique Arluison
Keywords: E. coli divisome; PBP3/FtsI; membrane invagination

Amenorrhea: Cytogenetic Studies and Beyond (Review)
Download PDF (149k)
Merin T, Rema D, Preetha T, Amudha S, Jayalakshamma J and Mary M
Keywords: Amenorrhea, Karyotyping, Chromosomal Abnormalities, Gene

2013 Volume 2, Number 1

Association of Chemokine and Chemokine Receptor Gene Polymorphis (MCP1 A-2518G and CCR2-V64I) with Urinary Bladder Cancer: A Study in Kashmiri Population
Download PDF (222k)
Arshad A. Pandith, Nighat P. Khan, Niyaz A. Azad, Mosin S. Khan, and Mohammad S. Wani
Keywords: Chemokine; Heterozygote; CCR2-V64I; Polymorphism
A Survey of Extremophilic Bacteria in Lake Magadi, Kenya
Download PDF (501k)
Bancy N. Muruga and Beatrice Anyango
Keywords: Biochemical characterization; 16S rRNA; NCBI GenBank; Phylogeny
The Molecular Chaperone Hsp90 is required for Actin Dynamics during Sperm Individualization in Drosophila
Download PDF (1686k)
Roshan Fatima
Keywords: Drosophila; Hsp90; hsp8308445; Spermatogenesis; Sperm Individualization; Actin
The Key Role of Zinc in Enhancement of Total Antioxidant Levels in Spermatozoa of Patients with Asthenozoospermia
Download PDF (503k)
Mahmoud Hussein Hadwan, Lamia A. Almashhedy, and Abdu Razzaq S. Alsalman
Keywords: Zinc supplementation; Oxidative stress; Total antioxidant capacity; Asthenozoospermia; Seminal plasma; CUPRAC method

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