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Position Open

Associate Editors

Dr. Huang , Chuanshu   
Dr. He, Qing-Yu

New York University School of Medicine (USA)
Jinan University (China)

Editorial Board

Dr. Agarwal, Ashok
Dr. Arzt, Eduardo
Prof. Chevalier, Sylvie
Dr. Debyser, Zeger
Dr. Guo, Yajun
Dr. Ha, Kwon-Soo
Dr. Kim, Youngsoo
Dr. Mittal, Rahul
Dr. Ramesh, Govindarajan T.
Dr. Rohrbach, Petra
Dr. Tang, Kai-Fu
Dr. Timlin, Jerilyn A.
Dr. Tong, Louis MG
Dr. Wang, Ruiqi   
Dr. Wang, Xuelu
Dr. Xing, Feiyue
Dr. Yu, Ziniu

Cleveland Clinic (USA)
University of Buenos Aires (Argentina)
University of Rouen (France)
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium)
Second Military Medical University (China)
Kangwon National University School of Medicine (Korea)
Seoul National University College of Medicine (Korea)
University of Miami (United States)
Norfolk State University (USA)
McGill University (Canada)
Wenzhou Medical University (China)
Sandia National Laboratories (USA)
National University of Singapore (Singapore )
Shanghai University (China)
Fudan University (China)
Jinan University (China)
South China Sea Institute of Oceanology (China)

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